Welcome to Pacha House

Intentionally designed with comfort, consciousness and good vibes in mind.

Pacha House was inspired by the Andean matriarchal goddess, Pachamama, who is said to oversee all earthly and spiritual elements in indigenous Peruvian culture.

A wellness-centric accommodation where we encourage our guests to ‘fill their cup’ during their stay, offering a plethora of wellness inspired amenities to support the restorative stay experience.

Pacha House is available for stays, brand content studio bookings, and workshops.



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Hi, my name is Molly and I am the grateful host of the high vibe, health and wellness-inspired, Pacha House.


I’m a passionate advocate for personal growth and development and designed the Pacha House experience with the goal of cultivating a space that has the power to lift others up emotionally, mentally and spiritually.


I’m equally passionate about bringing the concept of wellness travel to the Airbnb/ short term rental space and creating affordable, approachable, impactful wellness-centric experiences for real people. One should not have to be a baller to invest in their wellbeing.


I fervently believe that every single thing in this life is connected and by raising our individual vibration and consciousness that we have the power to lift up the world.


When I’m not hyping personal development and woo woo wellness, I’m a super extra dog mom to my boys Jagger and Louie, a social media manager for hospitality and wellness brands and a writer for Airbnb Experiences.


Lastly, I absolutely love adventuring and exploring newness and spend the majority of my free time hiking and traveling.


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